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A Letter From Diane

Allie was full of life. She enjoyed swimming, skiing, dancing, computers, video games, bike riding, hugging, cuddling, and playing with her friends. But mostly she loved animals. She had five pets and her favorite was her horse, Maxine. She would play peek-a-boo with Maxine. She would part Maxine's forelock down the middle just like her own hair. She was so proud to have her own horse. She took lessons, but preferred to just ride for fun. Her favorite game was to race her daddy galloping to the fence.

One Saturday morning, while we were at the barn, a noise came from the neighbor's yard that spooked Maxine. Allie's foot became stuck in the stirrup and the horse kicked Allie in the liver. The doctors worked desperately for eight hours to save Allie's life, but it was to no avail. It was time for Allie to go to heaven.

We have set up Allie's Friends Foundation in honor of our dear sweet Allie. The foundation places stuffed animals (Allie's favorite toys) in hospitals for children in need of medical attention. The more funds we raise, the more hospitals we will reach. Our long-term goal is to get our animals in all the major children's hospitals across the country.

Any support you can give our foundation will be greatly appreciated.

God Bless Allie and God Bless You!

Diane Dowd

Allie's Mom

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