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A Poem by Allie Dowd

I'm from the salty sea days with dad, mom, Bailey, and Hootie.

I'm from Hootie loving me so much.

I'm from Smurfie who lied under my bed.

He died when I was three years old, but I can still hear him bark.

I miss him very much!

I'm from the sweetness of ice cream.

I'm from Rachel, Madi, Clarisse, friends.

I'm from "Where s my Pickle?"

I'm from the most important thing of all, Love.

I'm from the niceness of dogs, birds, cats,and fishes.

I'm from my funny Uncle Pickle's house.

I'm from, "Get ready for tennis!" or "Come on Allie!"

I'm from the tree I climb every day.

I'm from my dad and my mom because I love them very much.

I'm from God cause he loves me.

That's where I am from.

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