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Johns Hopkins Children's Center

I just wanted to reach out to you to express my sincerest THANK YOU for all that your organization does for not only our Emergency Department but other hospitals. I have friends across the country who also benefit from your organization and it is such a cool donation to bond over.

Josephine in Chicago

Good morning Diane,

On Tuesday my daughter, Josephine, was at the ER of University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago, IL.  After several hours of tears, tests, administration of antibiotics through her central port the incredible nurse we had, Jane, presented Josephine with "AL" her new friend, a stuffed pig from your wonderful organization.  Josephine, a two time cancer survivor, 22 months old is no stranger to the emergency room and the hospital in general.

Casey's Story

Casey (stuffed bear) adopted Erika in St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs when Erika succumbed to a severe lung infection in 2008. Erika was 18 at the time and wasn't inclined to take a stuffed animal from a child in need, and turned down the volunteer who brought them by. Erika's best friend (more of a sister, really), however,  knew that Casey could help so she picked him out and introduced him to Erika.

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Johns Hopkins Children's Center

I just wanted to reach out to you to express my sincerest THANK YOU for all that your organization does for not only our Emergency Department but other hospitals. I have friends across the country who also benefit from your organization and it is such a cool donation to bond over.


The stuffed animals your organization donates have an incredible impact on the children and families we serve in the Emergency Department. As I’m sure you know, stuffed animals are not only cute and cuddly for the kids but also provide a sense of comfort and safety while they are in the hospital (a place they are usually scared of). Every stuffed animal I hand out to a patient I am able to see the immediate joy and happiness on not only the child’s face but also the parent’s face. Parents feel helpless when their child is injured or sick in the hospital because they cannot take care of them and they rely on medical staff. A stuffed animal can go a long way for the child, family, and staff. It helps me as a professional to aide in creating a warm safe environment for the family.


In short, Thank you for everything you do and I hope to continue this relationship.

Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you and Allie’s Friends Foundation.


For The Kids,


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Josephine in Chicago

A little background on Josephine ------ She was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at 8 days old. She received her first of six rounds of chemotherapy when she was 15 days old.  Though she is over a year past chemotherapy she still has to go for follow up exams under anesthesia every month and she has a routine appointment with her oncologist every four weeks for a general check up, blood work and port access with flush.  Because her port is in place, anytime her temperature goes to 100º or higher it's off to the ER we go.  We've been advised not to take Josephine far from home/hospital due to this fact so we haven't until this past Sunday. 


Since she has been post treatment for so long her oncologist gave the green light to take our first family trip (husband, 3 year old son, Josephine and I). We went to Bloomington, IL and had fun filled days on Sunday and Monday. Well Monday afternoon once we got back to the hotel to get ready to swim, Josephine was out of sorts, not her usual happy self plus she was burning up. Though my husband said she was probably hot from being outside, I knew she had a fever. I stayed in the room with her to allow her to nap and my husband went swimming with our son. When they returned I went across the street to purchase a thermometer and sure enough her fever was 103.6 degrees! So our trip took a stressful turn as with this temperature it was a possible indication of an infection in her port which is life threatening.


After paging her doctors and speaking with them we gave her Tylenol in hopes her fever would go down and we could make it through the night. Luckily that is what happened. We left early in the morning, returned home then I left with Josephine and headed to the ER.  She was not herself, screamed the majority of the time we were there, which we waited 8 hours to be brought up to a room.  About half way through our visit, her nurse Jane, presented a crying Josephine with a new stuffed pig bringing a smile to her face and a few laughs until she was able to calm down enough to nap giving her much needed rest!  This was the first time she has received an Allie's friend therefore the first time I have heard of your foundation and your little girls story. 


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing a smile to my daughter and helping her get rest.  It is so hard to watch her go through all she does and such a helpless feeling not being able to help her or to take her place.  Al her piggy, was a true Godsend he helped her rest and even when back at home he is bringing smiles and laughter and has become a favorite with his sweet face, flappy ears, fun pullable tail and super soft fur!  Thank you!


Love & Hugs,



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Casey's Story

Erika had Cystic Fibrosis, so after this infection (which doctors were never able to fully eradicate), she had to spend a lot more time in doctor's offices and hospital rooms. This little guy made everything more bearable for Erika (pun intended). He was there to hold her hand for blood draws, he was there to snuggle during the long hospital stays, and he was always there to help fight off the nightmares, even when Erika was home.


Eventually, when I was in the picture, Casey was kind enough to let me share his side of the bed, and even helped me scare off some nightmares of my own. He was never shy about coming along on our adventures and didn’t fuss on the rare occasion he had to stay home. He was the most loyal little buddy for whom one could hope.


Casey lost Erika in May during her last fight with that same infection. He was there to hold her hand right up to the end. He gave more comfort to her than I ever thought a little cloth toy could give a person. That is the thing, however, as he is not a little cloth toy. Casey found Erika in a time of desperate need and stuck by her side through all the good times and the bad from then on. Casey is a knight in fluffy armor and amongst the best of Erika’s friends. Even now, he sticks by my side.


I just wanted to thank you for bringing him to Erika, and I want you to know how much of a difference Casey made in her life, even if he just looks like a little cloth toy.


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A New Friend for Wolfie

We anticipated this reaction, and had brought his stuffed friend Wolfie with us. He was very upset with us because he had to get blood drawn, so when it came time to do the CT scan (something none of us have ever had to do) we were worried about his reaction. When the nurse arrived with the wheel chair, she gave our son a new friend. A soft and cuddly stuffed doggie that my son immediately hugged to him.


He held his new friend and Wolfie all the way to room, and as soon as he was done scooped them up. He declared his new friend Wolfie and slept with him all night. The first thing he told his grandmother today was about Wolfie and insisted she come see his new dog, he didn't mention anything about the scary trip to the ER and when he was asked about it, shrugged it of as if it was no big deal. His new friend had overshadowed the bad things, and made him feel so much better about the situation.


So again I'm saying thank you, for bringing my son a large amount comfort and joy in a situation he couldn’t understand. I will be sharing our story, and asking our friends and family to donate to this foundation because what you do is a very important thing.


Thank you one last time,


21 Days in the Hospital

She chose a pink pig. I have to tell you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS STUFFED ANIMAL !!!!!! It got us through many bad days (as she wound up having to be there for 21 days) and this pink pig help out through all of the MRI's and all the testing she had to have.


With every needle she hugged that piggy so tight and grabbed for it many many times. You might or might not know  how great a gift you give not only my little girl but all of the sick kids that encounter your gift of comfort from that stuffed animal they receive wherever they might get it from.  Theses two words I write THANK YOU have a great big hug along with them !!!!!!


Plz Continue on Doing the Motherly Love you do with providing these precious gifts to all children that are in need.....Our Lord knows the Love and Kindness you have inside of you and there will be a special place for you when its time. Be Blessed !!!!!!!!!!


I can't thank you enough!!


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